Coach. Guide. Consultant. Oracle.

Kelly’s purpose as a transformation coach is supporting you with high level coaching to increase performance and improve relationship dynamics internally & externally so that you can thrive  & receive more and better results.

Being a life long athlete, Kelly has taken these experiences and skills and translated them to coaching and guiding women, entrepreneurs and professional athletes. From personality profiling, conflict resolution, and relationships to improving communication, leadership and elite mindset development, she covers all the bases. 

Adding a Transformational Coaching certification in 2016 and becoming a Certified Spiral Practitioner in 2019 her skills have continued to grow and evolve. She continues to invest in her own education, development and abilities to create even more powerful and efficient results for her clients. 

Kelly is a powerful guidepost, confidently embodying her innate nature as a wise beacon illuminating the path of least resistance for those that seek her support.

In the entrepreneurial and businesses spaces, Kelly brings her natural skills as a Wealth Dynamics mechanic, refining the structures and details that help business run smoothly, and has learned how to apply these same strategies to all areas of life.

Beyond business, Kelly brings a deep spiritual connection to the work she does in the world as a gateway witch, shapeshifter, watchwoman and sage.

This woman lives by the principles she teaches and is willing to meet her clients with authenticity and reverence. Her life experiences have given her the unique ability to find harmonious balance at the center of seemingly opposing extremes….meeting situations with sincere neutrality and non-judgment.

If you’re looking for a standard business coach, counselor or company consultant, she’s not it.

Whether you need brutal truth or nurturing support, logical advice or sage spiritual guidance, Kelly has the ability to meet you fully wherever you are on the journey and at each step of your process.

I’m here for the perspective and insight that you can’t currently see because you’re too close to it all. I’m here for that small tweak that unlocks everything you’ve been striving for but have been unable to tap into because you’re stuck looking at things that aren’t working.

In truth, the heart of what I am is a relationships expert; both your internal relationship and external ones. What that can look like with me is a skill and talent for:

  • Personality Profiling
  • Inner Masculine : Feminine Dynamics
  • Identifying & Aligning with Soul Purpose
  • Clearing & Shifting Identities
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communication
  • Identifying and Releasing Subconscious Fears
  • Trusting Intuition
  • Increasing Drive & Motivation
  • Self Worth & Self Love
  • Implementing & Being Clear with Boundaries
  • Stress & Pressure Management
  • Team Dynamics
  • Evaluating Efficiency & Effectiveness of Set Ups & Systems
  • Creating Change
  • Giving New & Different Perspectives
  • Provoking the shit out of your triggers, potential and desires
  • Energy Work
  • Shadow & Healing Work
  • Longevity & Survivability Evaluations
  • Transforming Old to New
  • and more. You’ve got the idea, right?